Surf College ID Camp

Amount : $299.00

Surf College ID Camp is a 2-day event leading into Surf Cup, the premier summer college recruiting event.

Players attending the event will gain a big advantage of meeting college coaches and showcasing and developing their talents before the the Surf Cup tournament begins.

The event will consist of working with college coaches in various technical, small sided, and full field games. College coaches will deliver vital information on the recruiting process and NCAA rules to help give future college athletes the recruitment edge.

Both boys and girls events will be attended by around 15 – 20 college coaches from NCAA D1, D2, D3.

Players will be evaluated in various formats from technical exercises, small sided games, and 11 v 11 games.
Date and Time
July 24 – July 26

July 24 10am – 2pm
July 25 8am – 12pm

July 25 12:30pm – 4:30pm
July 26 10am – 2pm

Limited to 100 Spots!

High school students graduating 2022 and older

San Diego, CA (Final location to be confirmed.)



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